About Us

For 180 years, BRAND’S® has been one of the leading providers of health, beauty and wellness supplements in Asia. BRAND’S Health Enrichment Centre aims to bring the science and knowledge behind our expertise to you through easily comprehensible information. Find out more about our vision, mission and the team behind BRAND’S Health Enrichment Centre.


We want to be the leading health enrichment centre to inspire people to achieve and sustain optimal health, through an educational, scientific and holistic approach that empowers people to lead a more informed and enriching lifestyle.



We will use research and education to unlock the potential of natural ingredients, providing scientific evidence to support healthcare professionals and consumers in the enrichment of their health and wellbeing.

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The BHEC Team

Our team of scientists, educators, academics and healthcare professionals synergise to create exciting innovations and develop health enrichment educational materials backed by the latest scientific findings. This way, we can best help you achieve the health outcomes that matter to you and your community.

Dr Yoshihiro Nakao
Head, BRAND’S Health Enrichment Centre

Yau Chin Chin
Senior Principal Scientist, Scientific Communication

Dr Mandy Ow
Senior Scientist, Scientific Planning and Clinical Evidence

Dr Jack Wong
Principal Scientist, Scientific Education

Dr Lim Chia Juan
Principal Scientist, Ingredient Development & Bioactives Discovery

Dr Yong Shan May
Principal Scientist, Bioefficacy and Bioactive Discovery

Dr Tan Zhen Wei
Senior Scientist, Scientific Communication